Shopify Plus Ecommerce

Shopify Plus is built to make commerce simpler, more reliable, and to keep you ahead of every shift in buyer behavior.

10,149 Peak Orders Per Minutes

Shopify Plus provide extra bandwidth, unlimited SKUs, 99.99% uptime, 500,000 hits per minute, 8000+ CPU Cores, and 200 TB storage.



Shopify Plus starts from $2,000 per month or 0.25% of your sales, whichever is higher. It saves $400,000/year!


Dedicated Priority Support

Both Shopify Plus and HAIL IGA provides 24/7 dedicated priority support, ensuring your transition is smooth, fast, and painless.

About Us

Here at International Group of Anthony, we're experts in implementing the power of Shopify for online businesses. We know them up close and personal, in terms of design and development. Our Shopify expertise enhances our already extensive knowledge of ecommerce trends, functionality, customer behaviour, and design. We've helped many businesses transform an underperforming site to an all-out sales boom just by improving their online shopping experience.

Merchant success and Shopify Plus support

Both Shopify and us are concerned about your success, we have dedicated support to help you from launching to growing your Shopify Plus store.

Shopify and IGA are available to meet with you anywhere in the world. Together, we have been able to breach a stunning 186% annual growth!

Advanced Features

Shopify Plus is simplifying commerce!

Cart Scripting

Deploy cart-wide promotions such as tiered pricing or buy one get one free. Cart scripting can accommodate complex rules with inclusion and exclusion logic. 

Plus Dedicated APIs

Shopify Plus clients are given access to exclusive APIs such as Multipass, SSO, and Giftcard API.

Clone Shops

Each Plus account comes with two additional storefronts to allow for selling wholesale, international, or to additional regions.

Checkout Customization

Check out on your own domain and customize your checkout via Liquid templating.

API Performance

Shopify Plus clients are given up to 5x greater throughput of APIs.

Avalara tax integration

Avalara AvaTax is pre-integrated and offered at no additional cost.

Ron Diorio, VP of Innovation, The Economist

“There really are no technical limitations now. If we want to do something, all we have to do is plug it in and go.”

Apps and partner ecosystem

A massive ecosystem of apps, technology providers and agencies reduce the need for integration and customization”. They can leverage all of the Enterprise capabilities of Plus with the consumability of Shopify.

Unrestricted design

Shopify is completely agnostic to presentation and frontend technology. No complex page development is required. Design resources are all that is needed to maintain presentation. Robust APIs, web hooks and private apps allow clients to develop using any front-end technology.

Channels and mobile

Channel APIs let developers leverage integrated selling channels such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter or Houzz, along with other social platforms and marketplaces. Shopify’s mobile SDK streamlines the 100% native mobile app development process as well.


Commerce anywhere

Shopify’s Buy Button SDK can turn any content site into an ecommerce storefront. Inject Buy Buttons into any environment a merchant’s consumers interact with, allowing retailers to interact with their customers on any site or application, regardless of how it’s developed. Shopify’s standardized APIs and SDKs ensure that Commerce capabilities and logic are accessible using any underlying technology.

Scalability and reliability

Shopify Plus provides 99.99% server uptime, up to 8,000 orders per minute per store, 8,000+ cores, and a fully-integrated Fastly CDN. Over $10 billion of commerce transactions will be processed via Shopify in 2016. Shopify Plus has never had an outage on a Black Friday. If it were a single merchant, the platform would be the 4th largest online retailer in North America, coming just after Walmart during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Rapid deployment

Shopify Plus requires no installation or deployment. It’s 100% cloud-based with standardized APIs. Implementation times of a Shopify Plus storefront are typically 2 to 3 months. Pre-existing connectors via the Shopify app store reduce the custom development and integration requirements for many popular ERP, CMS and other business systems.